Permanent Makeup of Tampa Bay is the area’s premiere facility for excellence in permanent makeup.

With many years of experience, Kathryn can help you achieve a beautiful, long lasting result that needs no touching up for at least 2 to 5 years.  Complimentary consultations are available, and with every procedure, you always receive a free touch up. Using only American manufactured pigments, anesthetics and single-use surgical stainless steel instruments, you can be assured that safety is the utmost priority.


Do not confuse this procedure with microblading.  Permanent makeup technique allows the skilled technician to to the pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, which

is why the tattoo will last for 2-5 years before requiring a touch up.  The results are precise, natural and lasting.


As a hair stroke eyebrow specialist, you can be assured that your brows will look completely natural, and no one will even know that they aren’t the ones you were born with.

Eyeliner can be difficult to apply properly, and it can wear off, or be impractical if you’re outdoors or live a busy lifestyle. Whether you want it bold, or a more natural look, Kathryn can apply the eyeliner any way you like.

Our full lip procedure can give you perfectly shaped lips and can add a natural, or a more vibrant color to your lips.  If you want just the border of the lip accentuated, you can always opt for our lip liner procedure.

Permanent Cosmetic makeup is a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing.  Permanent Make-up is a non-surgical micro-procedure known as micro-pigmentation. Tiny droplets of specially designed pigments are skillfully deposited into the dermal layer of skin to simulate natural looking or precise make-up. This form of tattooing requires special training and artistic skill to achieve a precise, natural look.

 The result is only as good as the the technician, so it is critically important that you only trust your face to someone with extensive experience in the field.

Please take a moment to visit our before/after photograph page to see for yourself what can be achieved with permanent makeup.  Most of the photographs were taken immediately after the procedure, so the color is darker than the healed result will be.

Before permanent hair stroke eyebrows

After permanent hair stroke eyebrows

Permanent Makeup of Tampa Bay is located at:

6914 W. Linebaugh Ave, Suite 102 in the Be Bellus Wellness Spa

You can contact Kathryn at 813-210-2841 with any questions, or to arrange a consultation or book a procedure.


You can also book your appointment using the online booking tool below: