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Permanent Eyebrows: Improve the look of eyebrows that are

irregular, spare, or nonexistent. We will create a perfect silhouette, that never

needs penciling or powdering in.Beautiful eyebrows can add instant youth to

youth appearance.

Permanent Eyeliner: Lash enhancement will give you the look of thick, full

eyelashes, even without mascara. For more definition, we can add a soft eyeliner

across the lashline, so that you can forever skip the eyeliner pencil.

Enhancement, Upper Lids, Upper & Lower are all available procedures.


Permanent Lips: Perfectly shaped lips, with a soft, natural color

can be achieved with a full lip fill. No need for lip liner

because this lip color will not bleed out.


Derma Pen

This amazing new procedure works on wrinkles on the face and neck, all types of scars, including acne

scars, tightens skin naturally and improves that appearance of stretch marks. It can be used on any

part of the body and offers an affordable, yet effective alternative to lasers, without the downtime.     



Beauty Marks: Give yourself an intriguing and sexy addition, with a perfectly placed beauty mark.


As a courtesy, please provide 48 hours notice if you are unable to make your appointment