Permanent Makeup and MRI’s

A very frequent question, when it comes to permanent makeup, is if it is safe to have an MRI if you have had permanent makeup applied?   This is a very important question,  because the MRI, also known as magnetic resonance imaging, has become a frequently used diagnostic tool for many conditions. Because MRI’s cannot be exposed to metal, some are concerned that the iron oxide used in many pigments will cause discomfort, or prevent them from having the procedure. After studying thousands of patients undergoing MRI’s, it has been documented that only a tiny percentage of patients had any reaction at all.  The few who did react, generally had redness around their eyes, with minor swelling, which was short term. These reactions occurred only in those patients who had eyeliner.  There were no reported reactions for those having permanent eyebrows or lips.
Another area of concern is if having permanent makeup will interfere with the test results of an MRI.  There has been an issue of getting a blurred reading directly over the area of the makeup.  Since the same result can occur if the patient is wearing mascara, it is recommended that you inform the technician about any permanent cosmetics you might have, so that there can be a correct reading of the test.
After numerous studies, the consensus is that having permanent makeup is not a contraindication for getting an MRI.  A patient can safely undergo this diagnostic test without receiving bad side effects or compromising the accurate reading of the results.